Characteristics of each container type

Dry Container Reefer Container Open Top Container Flat Rack Container
Typical general containers used for transportation of general cargo Containers for freezing and refrigeration for transportation of cargo requiring temperature control Containers with no top for transportation of cargo with the height higher than ordinary containers Containers with no top and sides for transportation of large or heavy cargo that cannot be loaded in ordinary containers

※ You must take into account the inside and opening dimensions when calculating the cargo load capacity. Each shipping company may have a different maximum loading weight

Classifications 20DRY 40DRY 40HC 45HC 20RF 40RF(H) 20OT 40OT 20FR 40FR
Internal L 5.898m 12.032m 12.032m 13.556m 5.454m 11.583m 5.889m 12.044m 5.612m 11.770m
W 2.352m 2.352m 2.352m 2.352m 2.286m 2.286m 2.345m 2.350m 2.227m 2.380m
H 2.390m 2.390m 2.695m 2.698m 2.245m 2.215m 2.312m 2.348m 2.213m 1.955m
DoorOpening W 2.340m 2.340m 2.340m 2.340m 2.286m 2.294m 2.335m 2.335m - -
H 2.280m 2.280m 2.585m 2.585m 2.168m 2.248m 2.277m 2.280m - -
Internal volume 33.2cbm 67.8cbm 76.4cbm 86.0cbm 28.5cbm 58.7cbm 67.4cbm 31.8cbm - -
Tare Weight 2,250kg 3,740kg 3,940kg 4,720kg 3,000kg 4,700kg 4,750kg 2,020kg 2,740kg 5,600kg
Maximum Payload 21,750kg 26,740kg 26,540kg 25,760kg 22,000kg 25,780kg 25,730kg 21,980kg 31,260kg 39,400kg
Gross weight 24,000kg 30,480kg 30,480kg 30,480kg 25,000kg 30,480kg 30,480kg 24,000kg 34,000kg 45,000kg