Logistics Terms

  • THC Terminal Handling Charge

    The charge of moving cargo from the moment the container cargo enters CY to the ship's side when exported and from the ship's side to passing through the CY gate when imported

  • HS CODE Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System

    This is to facilitate the international trade and maintain consistency in the application of tariff rates by classifying foreign trade products into numerical codes and harmonizing the commodity classification system and uses numbers of ten digits. Tariff rate varies according to 10 digits of HS CODE

  • Drayage Charge Inland transportation fee in terminal

    Charges for bonded transportation from the dock or CY to the assigned CFS or bonded warehouse in order to devan and store LCL container cargo

  • Shoring & Lashing

    Charge of fixing the position of the cargo using ropes, wires, chains, band iron, etc. to fix the position of the cargo for the purpose of preventing the damage to the cargo or securing safety due to the shaking of the vessel during the operation of a ship with cargo

  • Shoring Charge

    Charge charged to shipper after fixing or shoring the position of cargo with wood, pipe, etc. to prevent the movement of cargo loaded into the container

  • H/C (Handling Charge) forwarder

    The administrative expenses incurred by the forwarder for services such as EDI of B/L, notice on arrival (A/N), overseas communication

  • EDI Charge D/O transfer charge

    EDI charge incurred when a forwarder transfers D/O to a bonded warehouse on behalf of the owner of goods after D / O computerization introduced for efficient export of imported cargo. (D / O transfer charge): Air

  • Detention Charge Detention Charge

    Charge that must be paid to the shipping company or carrier as a fine if the owner of goods fails to return the container within the Free Time after renting it and releasing it from CY

  • Demurrage Charge Demurrage Charge

    Charge that must be paid to the shipping company if the owner of goods does not remove the container from CY in excess of the Free Time

  • Free Time Free storage period

    Certain allowable period when cargo unloaded on board can be stored at CFS or CY without storage charges